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TNPA2584 TNPA2534 TNPA2589 TNPA2426 TNPA2621 TNPA2541 TNPA2590 TNPA2583 TNPA2266 TNPA2540 TNPA2249 TNPA2622 TNPA2246 TNPA2247 TNPA2249 TNPA2537 TNPA2536 TNPA2535 for Panasonic TH-42PW5

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Please contact Lucy on Lucy_stp@yahoo.com phone 07534822798 if you need to buy any of these parts. To negotiate the price.
The set does not include power board.

Product Model: 
New or Used: 
Sound and vision, Tv spare parts and repair kits
Product Tags: 
Buffer board, AV board, Input board, T-Con board, Mainboard, XSUS board, Y-SUS


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